A Survival Guide for SEO Professionals during Recession


Today, the economy is thriving so is the prospect of SEO professionals. Businesses are flourishing all around. However, this phase won’t last for long. The economic cycle passes through bursts of growth and regression. Thus, an economic downturn is inevitable.

Nevertheless, SEO professionals, you stay calm and composed… because your ability to wield revenue is no more dependent on swinging economic oscillation. Below, we’ve rounded up a few key steps that would help you survive even in economic depression:

Marketing Activities

Expenses are reduced in a slow economy. At Sprout Road, we don’t recommend restricting your business expenses but we suggest you review your marketing tactics and get strike out outdated programs.

Direct Sales

In the world of SEO, ‘sales’ is a tricky term. But that doesn’t mean you have to practice rigorous direct sales pitch. Instead, plan a strategic sales campaign and establish meaningful relationships with your clients. Sales pitch should be initiated when the time is right.

Boost Relationships

A relationship is the bedrock of business success. Approach as many people as possible and build powerful relationships on the way. It helps. They might not be your potential customers in the beginning, but you never know, when they might come to your rescue.

So, connect with people online as well as offline and take your business towards uncharted territories of success.

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